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Thank you for taking the time to view my products... All cuff watches, leather cuffs, leather wristbands and leather bracelets made by Rockstar Leatherworks™ are hand made of individually hand selected, top of the line leather. I offer a wide variety of wide band leather cuff watches, cuff bracelets, and other leather products in a number of custom colors and combinations. I take the time to hand craft each and every one of my leather products. Each leather product is hand-tooled, dyed and conditioned with great care to ensure a high quality end product for you.

Each leather cuff watch, watch band and wristband are all individually handmade to your size and specifications. By the time your item is completed, I like to think that I have formed a personal relationship with each and every item that I create.

My customers mean a great deal to me and I want you to believe in my brand as much as I do, so customer service is very important to me. If you have a question, I’ll answer it as best I can. If you need a repair or replacement, I’ll do whatever I can to assist you after the sale. I welcome any and all questions and/or requests via email, or Facebook page. I will get back to you as soon as I can, which is usually fairly quickly. Again, I believe in customer service and desire to build a good relationship with each and every customer and potential customer both before and after the sale. It is my goal to build quality relationships by providing great customer service, with hopes of my customers becoming my greatest assets and being brand ambassadors… I look forward to creating a strong and winning relationship with each of you.

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